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Business Marketing Strategy

  Nov 12, 2017     Notyced Agent

We recently delivered a presentation to the sales team of a large marketing firm. Our goal was to teach them to stop marketing to their clients, and to start building relationships with their strategic partners. With the right strategy, they could easily double their income and work less hours at the same time. This concept can apply to any business. Every business and non-profit has many strategi Ver Más

CalChamber 2017 HR California Online Membership

  Mar 01, 2017     Notyced Agent

      A CalChamber Online membership gives companies doing business in California helpful HR compliance resources that save time and money.   I love the ease of the website. HRCalifornia has everything. Kim Urban HR Manager, STEICO Industries, Inc. Great membership benefits and perks! Click here for Online Member Benefits Unlimited access to the expert compliance Ver Más

What is Electro Antiperspirant?

  junio 04, 2017     Notyced Agent

Excessive Sweating Excessive sweating of the palms, also called palmar hyperhidrosis, is probably the most annoying form of this condition. Sweat glands in the palms are the only ones in the human body we can control by our will and mind. However, when you suffer from excessive sweating, you lose the ability to control the sweating of the palms, both the intensity and timing. This then brings ab Ver Más


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